Two Trucks, Two Days, Too easy

2nd day in a row that a truck has done this exact thing.
2nd day in a row that a truck has done this exact thing.

For anyone who regularly takes Bennington St. in East Boston, It’s not really surprising to see a tractor-trailer buckled at the center in this exact spot. It happens a few times a year. The underpass is the first available U-turn to get back into Boston and it is clearly marked with a “No Trucks” sign.

Truck drivers however, are too used to seeing signs like that in places that they don’t need to be.  It’s like the sign that cried wolf out there for truckers. Many roads are restricted to them but with exemptions for local deliveries. There are tons of parkways and throughways which restrict travel to passenger vehicles but are easily passable to trucks. So when a trucker sees a sign restricting travel he has to make a decision about whether it’s a necessary restriction or not. I have personally defied “No Trucks” many times as a tow truck operator.



Another Chahhming Boston Sign

wickedsmaahtWell here’s another sign inspired by the Boston accent. I’m still disappointed to see our government pandering to the lowest common denominator. I guess it shouldn’t bother me as much as it does.

This sign is in Cambridge Massachusetts folks, just blocks away from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a half mile from Harvard University. Choke on the irony..

Top Ten “Steel Panther” Song Titles

The Internet loves nostalgia and it loves satire. Steel Panther is both of those things and more. They’re great fun if you like 80’s hair metal. Check them out and have a little fun for once in your life.

  1. Gangbang at the Old Folks Home
  2. Supersonic Sex Machine
  3. Fucking My Heart in the Ass
  4. You’re Beautiful When You Don’t Talk
  5. 17 Girls in a Row

Steel Panther celebrates an over-the-top version of 80’s hair metal culture. They take the exploits of bands like Motley Crue, and Poison and multiply them by 100 to hilarious effect.


“Use Ya Blinkah” – Appealing to the Lowest Common Denominator

"Use ya blinkah" signs popped up all over Massachusetts recently.
“Use ya blinkah” signs popped up all over Massachusetts recently.

Massachusetts rolled out a corny attempt to relate to drivers last week.  Signs sporting “Changing Lanes? Use Ya Blinkah” sprouted up all over the state last week in a move that I find insulting. I don’t typically walk around looking for things to get offended at but, this bothers me. I’m not 100% sure why, so I’ll explore it here.

For one thing, I draw a line between commercial signs and government signs. Commercial signs can use any language they choose, because if they try to be cute and fail, they lose money and maybe even go out of business. An official sign from the Department of Transportation shouldn’t  be so cavalier with it’s grammar, they haven’t earned that right. They risk nothing. There is no way for them to go “out of business.”

This sign has whipped local idiots into a frenzy of regional pride. They think it’s wicked funny kid. The only thing funny to me is that the signs have probably caused more accidents than they have prevented. When motorists are trying to get a good pitcha from theyah cah, I hope they use theyah fackin blinkah. Though I’m sure they won’t


Dude, you’re from the future!

To Whom it May Concern,

If that is your real name. Tonight I’ve finally started a blog so please welcome me to the year 1999. What’s it like in the future where you’re from? Do you guys have those hover-boards from Back to the Future II yet?

The purpose of this blog is exercise, and exorcism. When I feel the urge to write something, this is where it will find a home. Whether or not it fits won’t matter at first. I’ll explore at first and I think it will naturally specialize as time goes on.

Thanks for reading, do follow or subscribe or whatever it is you kids do.

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